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Reflection Room 2

A skeleton of scrap wood, a constellation of chicken wire and tape, covered with paper maché and white paint, on a thick layer of dark sand - A personal space to breathe, relax, reflect or create, a cave, a womb, a full sensory experience in the summer of 2021.

The installation included an entrance ritual, performed by Ilona Rijkeboer: upon arrival, visitors were given a piece of material and a small paper 'invitation'. The invitations contained a single word or a small sentence, with the ambigious quality that it could both be referring to an act of drawing or writing and be interpreted in a more general context, as a topic for reflection. The invitation did not have to be read nor acted upon. Visitors did not receive any further briefing, apart from the recommendation to visit the installation alone (max. 2 vistors were allowed in at once).

Reflection Room 2 was commissioned by Pauline Burbidge and Charles Poulsen for the duration of their Open Studios event at Allanbank Mill Steading in the Scottish Borders, UK. It was built in situ with local and recycled materials and had the approximate size of 250x200x300cm (l x w x h).
Over the course of the event, the contributions of the visitors changed the inside view continuously.

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