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March 22-24: Biennale Appel D'air, Arras (FR)

June 6: opening at Besser Leben, Leipzig (DE) with Guy Etan

January - February 2025: duo show with Karlos Kaplan at Ars Avanti, Leipzig (DE)


  • Preserving Memories, Providing Energy at Xelor Kesselhaus Berlin (DE), December 2023

  • Open Studios for XXII. Offene Ateliers Leipzig (DE), September 2023

  • TON in TON at Westbahnhof, Leipzig (DE) June 16 -18 2023

  • Open Studios at the studio of Lígía Fernandez, Tallinn (EE) July 2022

  • Krude ohne Bude at project house Krudebude, Leipzig (DE) November – December 2022

  • LindeNOW at StoreFront, Leipzig (DE) October 2021

  • Guest artist at the Open Studios event of Charles Poulsen and Pauline Burbidge, Allanton (UK) August 2021

  • LindeNOW at StoreFront, Leipzig (DE) October 2020

  • Somewhere New at project house Krudebude, Leipzig (DE) June 2020

  • Unter der Haut at gallery Westtor, Leipzig (DE) January 2020 - solo

  • 5 jaar Kunstgemaal at Het Kunstgemaal, Bronckhorst (NL) January – June 2019

  • Rural Tendencies Tested at In de Ruimte, Ghent (BE) July 2018

  • SPELIG at LUCA, Ghent (BE) June 2018 - solo

  • S.H.O.T.S.: quatro schilderkunst at LUCA, Ghent (BE) June 2018

  • Out of the studio #3 at CAMPO SANTO, Ghent (BE) May 2018

  • Tumult in Gent at de Krook, Ghent (BE) May 2018

  • Teerling at In de Ruimte, Ghent (BE) April 2018

  • Thank you Good bye at ECA, Edinburgh (UK) January 2018 - solo

  • Eindejaarsshow at LUCA, Ghent (BE) June 2017

  • Verborgen verleden, verborgen verlangen at Het Kunstgemaal, Bronckhorst (NL) March – May 2017

  • Eindejaarsshow at LUCA, Ghent (BE) June 2016



Ilona Rijkeboer, Suboart Magazine #9 (2023), p. 14-15

Rising Stars: Ilona Rijkeboer, Suboart online magazine (2023)

Short intro in my studio by Alex Perry (gallery Westtor, 2020)

Interview with Lauren Walker (visit at Thank you Goodbye, 2018)

Sophie Nys: Not to be Fed, but to be Famous (2017), Posture Editions N° 26: p. 100-101






/ Performer [außer]musikalische[inter]aktion with Hessam Sadeghi at Black Box, HMT Leipzig (DE) February 2024

/ Performer "RONDUIT Winterfest" for Circus Andersom at Hal25, Alkmaar (NL) January 2024

/ Performer "Vier de Aarde" for Circus Andersom at Het Glazen Huis, Amsterdam (NL) December 2023

/ Drawing workshop at the Third Room, Leipzig (DE) November 2022, February and May 2023

/ Performer "GEGROND" for Circus Andersom at art trail Biotoop, Amstelveen (NL) August 2022

/ Performer "Zal ik u afzetten?" for Circus Andersom at THIS art fair, Amsterdam (NL) July 2022

/ Artist Talk at the Third Room, Leipzig (DE) April 2022

/ Co-organiser for Circus Andersom of Laat Bloeien, a multi-sensory festival for elderly people in Hal25, Alkmaar (NL) August - October 2019

/ Theater workshops for high school students, commissioned by Cervantes at Kopergietery, Ghent (BE) March 2018

/ Drama drawing workshop for the Art Society, Edinburgh (UK) January 2018

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